Specialty Services from a Specialist

In addition to four years of dental school, Drs. Nygaard and Poovey completed three years of specialty training in periodontics, gum surgery and dental implants.  Dr. Nygaard is a board certified periodontist; a distinction earned by completing a credentialed periodontics residency, passing a written exam and oral exam with case presentation, and maintained through re-certification exams.  Drs. Nygaard & Poovey are experts in oral health, oral bone, tissue grafting and dental implants.  

Quality of Care

We strive to provide quality care throughout our office. Every aspect of care and service in our office, from each dental procedure, front office interaction, to individual patient comfort, are all done with highest quality standards as our objective.

Drs. Nygaard and Poovey prepares for each procedure prior to your appointment. This preparation may include consultation with your other healthcare providers, such as dentists and physicians, to ensure your care is safe, comfortable, and has the best chance for a quality result.

The outstanding team at Dr. Nygaard's office is well trained and experienced. Each year the team participates in a minimum of 6 days of continuing education training. This training ensures that they are improving their skill and efficiency each and every year.

Drs. Nygaard and Poovey receive more than twice the required number of hours for continuing dental education each year. This ensures that they are constantly up to date on the latest techniques, procedures and products that will help their patients achieve their goals for good oral health and beautiful smiles.

Drs. Nygaard and Poovey utilizes the latest technology and techniques to ensure quality results for their patients. This includes using the best dental equipment as well as the best dental supplies. This gives their patients a greater chance of realizing the results that they desire.

Value of periodontal services

Good oral health offers a wealth of benefits that will last you a lifetime with proper maintenance. Ensure your good oral health by making proper dental care and maintenance a priority for you.

Dental implants allow you to replace missing teeth with strong, secure replacements so you can enjoy a beautiful smile and worry-free eating. Dental Implants are the latest and most advanced tooth replacement option available to patients.

Services provided in our office

Comprehensive Evaluation & Consultation

At your first visit Drs. Nygaard or Poovey will complete a thorough oral health evaluation. Drs. Nygaard or Poovey will examine all aspects of your oral healthcare needs and review your options with you. A complete set of dental x-rays is required to properly diagnose your periodontal health and will be taken at this first visit. Plan to spend just over an hour with us at your first visit.

Treatment of Periodontal Disease

Periodontal disease is a serious condition that can lead to bone loss as well as tooth loss if untreated. Periodontal disease is caused by bacteria that destroy the supporting structure of your teeth. Periodontal disease has also been linked to other systemic health risks and problems. Drs. Nygaard and Poovey provide treatments to manage periodontal disease.

Periodontal Plastic Surgery (smile enhancement)

Drs. Nygaard and Poovey provide several periodontal plastic surgery procedures that can improve the appearance of your smile. Gum tissue can be added, reduced, or re-shaped as your needs require. The result can be dramatic and will improve your self esteem about your teeth and your smile.

Dental Implants

Dental implants are a great solution for tooth replacement. Enhance your smile with the most advanced tooth replacement option available today. Drs. Nygaard and Poovey perform the surgical placement of the implant and work closely with your general dentist, who will place the replacement tooth after implant surgery is completed.

Comprehensive Oral Health

One of Drs. Nygaard and Poovey's specialties is comprehensive treatment planning and dental care. Comprehensive treatment is when multiple dental professionals work together on a common case, ensuring that all phases of treatment are planned to ensure the optimal result that the patient desires. This often requires multiple meetings between the patient's dentists to coordinate all aspects of your care.

Oral & Systemic Health Link

The link between good oral health and good general health is being verified monthly by new published studies from around the world.  Maintaining good oral health can reduce complications during pregnancy, reduce your risk of stroke or heart attacks, and reduce diabetic patients complications and expenses.  Drs. Nygaard and Poovey can help patients manage their oral health and control inflammation, thereby reducing risk of related health complications.