Digital Imaging


Green CT 13D Cone Beam Imaging

3D Cone Beam Imaging (CBCT - Cone Beam Computed Tomography) captures a digital scan of a patients mouth. This image is rendered in 3D which allows Dr. Nygaard to see patients bone prior to surgery. Knowing what bone a patient has before surgery is a great advantage for dental implants and other bone grafting procedures. In addition Dr. Nygaard can map nerves and place virtual implants prior to surgery to ensure adequate space and alignment. We use the Vatech Green2 CBCT which faster and uses less radiation per scan than most other CBCT machines.


Digital Intraoral Scanning

Digital intraoral scanning allows Dr. Nygaard to capture a digital impression of your current teeth. Previously this would have been done using impression trays and that gooey impression material that is pressed onto your teeth and left for a couple minutes before being removed. The flexibility of the impression material canreduce the accuracy of the models that are used to plan your implant surgery. The Straumann intraoral scanner is the newest, fastest and smallest scanner available.Trios 3shape

Digital Implant Planning Software

Utilizing the digital scans and CBCT imaging, Dr. Nygaard is able to merge the data using 3D case planning software. Using CoDiagnostix and Dental Wings software Dr. Nygaard can virtually place implants, ensuring proper placement for the final restorations. This is the future of dentistry. Digital Smile Design using a fully digital work flow.

codiagnostics2DWOS Synergy diagram

Digital Xrays

Digital xrays enable immediate image capture, eliminate the use of chemicals to develop and process xrays and require less radiation exposure for patients. Dental xrays are a necessary tool for dentists to properly evaluate patients oral health and dental needs. Utilizing digital xrays is the best way to provide dentists that required tool.

Dexis Sensor